The non-profit organization (a.s.b.l.) Valorlux was founded by the private sector (retailers, importers and manufacturers) on October 2, 1995. Valorlux’ overall goal is to find a solution to the necessary obligation of recycling and valorising packaging waste imposed by the Grand Ducal order of October 31, 1998.

The role of Valorlux was ratified on April 5, 2000 by the grant of the ministerial agreement on household waste packaging and such . Since this date, the acknowledgement of Valorlux has been renewed several times.

Valorlux has the objective of promoting, coordinating and financially supporting selected waste collection for household waste packaging and such in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Valorlux is constantly working on a global, sustainable and economically sensible solution to manage packaging waste from households and others in order to contribute to a better environment.